About Better Minds

Humans utilise only upto 5-10 percent of their brain. There is an immense possibility for the human mind to improve its functioning to achieve the maximum potential. This will help in increased productivity with higher levels of satisfaction, contentment, and living a more fulfilled life.  It is needed by all – from all backgrounds, whatever work they may be doing, and across the world.

It is possible to work towards equipping ourselves with skills so as to facilitate the mind to grow and perform better than it already is. To attain this, one has to be free from stress, pain, tension and be in a calm state of mind. With increasing levels of distress and distractions nowadays, it is not only the need of the hour or the future, but is an essential component of the overall wellbeing.

The need is for humans to be resilient and have regulated thought and emotional processes. It improves the socio-emotional communication skills of an individual so that they are able to attain a state of positive mental health and emotional well-being, ultimately moving towards ‘Better Minds’.

Better Minds is an organization that empowers individuals to explore and acknowledge their strengths and assets that help them move towards doing better if already doing well. The organization is happy to collaborate with groups of people, institutions or other organizations with a focus on prevention of mental illnesses and promotion of mental health and emotional well-being. It does so by developing and conducting training and capacity building sessions as well as workshops via online and offline platforms.

Our Vision

We envision a world where individuals are empowered to utilize their mind to its maximum potential to positively impact the Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being of individuals, families, and communities.

Our Mission

Better Minds enables individuals to function at their best, both at intrapersonal and interpersonal levels, at home, work, and society at large. It does so by providing them with knowledge and socio-emotional skills.

In pursuit of our Mission, we strive to:

  • Build skills for emotional regulation, better interpersonal functioning, and enhanced coping and resilience, across age groups and settings, via online and offline platforms.
  • Provide need-based programs to institutions and organizations for increasing individual capacities, team coherence, and better organizational productivity.
  • Promote Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being through varied platforms for awareness building and stigma reduction.

Founder Directors

Dr. Avdesh Sharma

Dr. Avdesh Sharma, D.P.M., M.D. (Psychiatry, Gold Medalist), from National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, is a Consultant Well-Being Psychiatrist with over 35 years of clinical practice in Delhi.  He has been the International Lead on Public Education for the World Psychiatric Association (WPA); Co-Chair of the WPA’S Section on Spirituality & Mental Health; Chair of the Public Education & Awareness Committee of Indian Psychiatric Society; International Distinguished Fellow of American Psychiatric Association; Past President of Indian Association of Private Psychiatry, Indian Psychiatric Society (North Zone) and Delhi Psychiatric Society. He is also the Founder, Mind Vision Enterprises and Managing Trustee, RAHAT Charitable Medical Research Trust.

Body of Work

Television Series:

a) Produced, Directed and Anchored: Mann Ki Baat, Mindwatch, Mind Your Mind, etc. for ‘Doordarshan’ Channel

b) Mental Health expert: Mind Matters, Zindagi Bane Aasan for ‘Peace of Mind’ channel; Andhi Galiyan for ‘Doordarshan’ Channel

Workshops on: Stress, Self and Mind Management

Over 1000 presentations on Stress, Spirituality and Mind-Body Connection

Co-Author of books: ‘Distress to De-Stress (Blue Jay, 2013) and ‘Couples in Harmony (Pentagon Press, 2016)

Awards: Gem of India & Rashtriya Gaurav Awards; T.P. Jhunjhunwala Foundation’s 24th National Excellence Award for Medicine 2014 and Health Oscar of India, 2017

Managing Trustee: RAHAT Charitable and Medical Research Trust (A Mental Health NGO)

Founder Director: Mind Specialists

Founder: Mind Vision Enterprises

Dr. Sujatha D. Sharma

Dr. Sujatha D. Sharma, M.Phil (Gold Medalist), Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) from National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, is a practicing Consultant Clinical Psychologist in New Delhi and has been working with all age groups, with psychological distress and emotional well-being issues for the last three decades. She has a multifaceted background as clinician, psychotherapist, researcher, teacher and trainer. Her consulting and training specialties include training workshops for promoting wellness behavior, stress management, life skills for children and parenting; handling relationships, public education, awareness, trauma counseling and spiritual counseling.

Body of Work

TV Series (Research and Script): Mann Ki Baat (www.mannkibaat.com) (Hyperlink), Mindwatch and Mind Your Mind, for ‘Doordarshan’ Channel

Past Consultant: National Institute of Ageing, USA and UNICEF, India

Visiting Faculty: National Institute of Public Co-operation and Child Development (NIPCCD) and National Institute for Social Defense (NISD).

Co-Author of books: ‘Distress to De-Stress(hyperlink to amazon: ) (Blue Jay, 2013) and ‘Couples in Harmony(Pentagon Press, 2016)

Former Member, Governing Counsel: Richmond Fellowship Society of India (Delhi)

Awards: T.P. Jhunjhunwala Foundation’s 24th National Excellence Award for Medicine (2014); C.S. Kang Oration Award (Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists – 2016) and Health Oscar of India, 2017

Chairperson: RAHAT Charitable and Medical Research Trust (A Mental Health NGO)

Founder Director: Mind Specialists

Founder: Mind Vision Enterprises

Other Initiatives

About RAHAT Charitable and Medical Research Trust

RAHAT (Rehabilitation of Ailing Humans through Action and Treatment) is a non-profit charitable organization that works towards improving the overall wellbeing of individuals and society in the area of health education, especially Mental Health through action programs with a community orientation.

About Mind Vision Enterprises

Mind Vision Enterprises is a Media Consultancy firm that was founded for creation of programs and projects for Awareness building, Advocacy, Public Education, Stigma Reduction & Training in areas of Health, especially Mental Health, Welfare & Education.

Mind Vision Enterprises is empaneled with the Directorate of Audio Visual Publicity (DAVP) and National Films Development Corporation (NFDC) and Doordarshan (www.mindvisionenterprises.com).

About Mind Specialists

Mind Specialists is a platform that has been built to create progressive awareness and de-stigmatize Mental Health conversations in society. The mandate is to help individuals feel empowered by providing access to information and guidance in all things related to the mind through our Website and Social Media.