Conducting Workshops

We, at Better Minds, believe self-management to be one of the most crucial components of holistic health. The workshops series are designed to build knowledge and skills in individual in areas relating to self-growth and self-management. The workshops are available to anyone and everyone, irrespective of any age-barriers, backgrounds, occupations, etc.

The 8 workshops for Self-Management are as follows: 

Stress Management

Stress is the precursor of many illnesses, of both the body and the mind. This workshop under Stress Management covers a wide range of topics including work stress and burnout, exam stress, parenting stress & adulting and career stress.

Mood Management

It is of utmost significance to master the ability to manage one’s moods that creates the right inner emotional environment that enhances performance and overall functioning. The workshop will help one to deal with problems of anger, anxiety, depression, etc. more healthily and create inner stability.

Thought Management

It focuses on how to manage one’s thinking patterns, by reducing negative thinking and learn the art of positive thinking. Thought Management is a first for better health of the mind, and in this workshop, we help you cover all aspects relating to the art and science of positive creative thinking.

Sleep Management

Sound sleep is one of the most vital aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle in today’s time. The workshop will be an overview of important areas of sleep management, recognizing sleep problems and focus on fostering healthy sleeping habits, sleep hygiene, sleeping practices, etc. for a refreshing sleep.

Relationship Management

Healthy relationships can be a driving force for individuals to lead a fulfilled life. But, relationships can be complex and delicate in nature. Some skills are essential to be learnt to bring out the best in every relationship. The art of managing your relationships is really the art of developing effective interpersonal skills, along with self-awareness.

Problem Behavior Management

Problem Behavior Management workshop is aimed at helping individuals understand and deal with behavior-related problems such as aggression, violence, bullying, impulsivity, procrastination, panic, etc. in themselves or in those they deal with.

Lifestyle Management

A healthy lifestyle is a must for an individual to live life to its fullest. Some of the most important features of healthy living are; a balanced diet, exercise, leisure time, managing time efficiently, etc. and learn strategies for prevention of substance abuse and behavioral addictions like Internet, Gaming, Gambling, etc. for the overall wellbeing of the mind and the body. This workshop will focus on strategies for holistic well-being and creating work-life balance.

Psycho-spiritual Management

Psycho-Spirituality is the interface of our Body, Mind, and Spirit. It is reflected through traditions and culturally accepted practices that can influence our mind and emotions. This workshop will help individuals master their overall state of wellbeing through developing secular spiritual practices like creative visualization, mindfulness and meditations.

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